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"I’m sure about it…

Are you sure about it?

Without warning, a group of military men took Ross to the room behind the monitoring room. I've been reading that anyone taken to that building never comes back. On top of that, there are these REALLY large plastic bags being constantly being removed from that place. I'd better pray for Ross..."

Speechless is an Escape the loop experience which you should solve the puzzles of each loop and run from it.

We are an indie game studio and we need your feedbacks for the most, we are trying to develop this genre and give a better experience.

Blazing Fall is coming!



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Is there actually a solution to the TV room, or do you just have to brute force it?  I also had an issue with the game being too dark and the flashlight not throwing off enough light.  

Cool concept and design, but just a but too frustrating for me.

SKIP TO 2:29

عالی بود داداش بازی های باحال تر بذار 

قربانت, خوشحالیم که خوشت اومد

مرسی از بازی خوبتون جای پیشرفت دارید میشه اسم موسیقی های به کار رفته در بازی رو بگید؟

سلام امیر جان عزیز

ممنون که بازی رو دانلود کردی و خوشحالیم که خوشت اومده, کدوم موسیقی رو مدنظرت هست؟

اون موسیقی که با ویلون زده میشه

یه ایمیل بهم بدی برات ارسال می کنم


برات ارسال کردم

I ran into a bug but I really think this game has potential, so keep doing what you're doing!

Hey Klabbidoo

Thanks for your video and your streaming.
about the lag I think there might be a problem in running game cause it's pretty weird, but I'll check it.
at the end of the video I think you stuck in a collider and it might be cause of the lag.
by the way thanks a lot

Oh, I see!

I look forward trying it again sometime though :)

Great game but I'm stuck on the telephone loop with the cop. Any tips to get to the ringing phone?

Hey Dennis,

I think you are on loop 10, you should look through window of the door that has phone for a while till the text on the wall disappear

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Thanks for the reply.

I'll keep trying to get the text to disappear. I took a couple screenshots to show you which loop I'm on just to be sure I'm on the correct loop to make the text disappear.

I believed you are on loop 10, first room on the right of hallway has a text on it's wall, you can see it through door.

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Wow! I've been stuck on that part for a couple hours. Thanks a bunch for the tips are great game!

Your welcome, hope you like it

this was crazy! :D super weird game in a good way :D that police zombie made me jump XD awesome job on making this game :D

Thanks for your awesome video man


The game overall was pretty darn good. borrowed the “P.T.” Concept and molded it to your teams style and made it your own. It seems like a good compacted game, didn’t experience any issues with the start up or the exiting of the game, it ran smoothly. I did have a couple of issues with some of the in game play. I mention on my gameplay video but the halls and rooms look super dark (even with the hallway lights on), maybe it was my monitor but it look dark, hard to maneuver through. During the zombie sequence, it look like we phased through the zombie, making it easy to get away from it. Maybe creating physical contact ability with the zombie would make it a little challenging to get to the objective.overall the game was really fun, the jumps scares got me. Had a blast playing the game. Keep up the great work. I made a playthrough if anyone is interested in watching it 


Hey ALT_er,

Thanks for playing our game and nice video, it's very awesome and also useful.

About the issues we are working on them for our next version, it's very appreciated you mentioned them and show them in your video.

no problem, thanks for checking out the video. keep up the great work, can't wait for the next version!

I had to play this, this game was awesome .. the game most definitely got me, one thing though is i got stuck, other than that this is a bonafide horror game, i would love to see more the gameplay starts at 4:20 , just comment some tips on the video, i would def love to come back to this! 


Hey buddy, nice video, hope you enjoy it.

it was great i just got stuck on the tv part lol

nice, about the TV part, you should turn them on in specific order, inspired from Dante's inferno

ohhh makes sense

Deleted post

hey buddy,

nice gameplay, I like the FPS feeling, keep going

Hey Nikigamer,

Nice video, thanks for playing our game.

We are working on some stuck places and your video and feedbacks are very useful.

Muy buenos gráficos, muy buena la idea, muy buenos sustos. aunque se me ha atascado en un par de lugares. Y no se como seguir no he encontrado el telefono que sonaba :'(

Hi Spammals,

Thanks for downloading our game, we didn't get the issues that you mentioned, if you pass each loop the game save that and if you die the current loop will restart and this is how the game save your progression.

Game is currently broken. 
• You cannot get to the ringing telephone (Prevents progression).
• If you die at any point you loose your torch.
• The game auto saves somewhere and as such you can't restart the game.

Couldn't answer that damn phone but I did meet Monica, and that was.. special. Good work with this project. :)


Yeah, Wonderful Monica!

damnnn creepy

Thanks a lot, your feedback means a lot to us.

:* :*

Pretty good stuff from what I've seen so far! The looping structure manages to keep you guessing about what's going to happen and make progressing feel rewarding. However some of the triggers for progression felt a little too arbitrary, and I wasn't a big fan of Officer Stumbles. But fantastic atmosphere! Good work!

Thanks a lot CoalFire, your work is very energize for us.

error in the loophole, I get stuck in the same loop for 15 min!! No matter how many time i go through the same loop for look for clues to solve puzzle of this game!1 Nothing works out!! Developer can you do something about it!! What's going on!!

Hi, thanks for downloading our game, as you know this is a escape the loop game and you need to solve the puzzle of each loop to pass them, which loop do you stuck? Describe the environment, I'll figure it out

i stuck in a loop where you get flashlight and the find letter called father dairy which said something about god and water!!

you are in loop 3, you should find all 2 father dairies then go to exit door

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I finally found the error thanks for the feedback you are awesoem developer. Thanks for the reply I try my best to play the game!! i will try my best to fixed myself what is the error lol thanks for the reply